Wolf in the Fold (2007)


Director(s): Ernie Zahn

Producer(s): Ernie Zahn

Release Date: Released 2007

Plot: The small country of Minenborg is in its second generation of democracy. Recently a string of murders threatens that democracy as several party members have been the targets. It’s up to Inspector Freder and his investigation partner, Charles, to stop these killings for the country is compromised.

My Credits: Writer, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Main Cast/Performers:

Dylan Rose as Freder

Christina White as Aurelia

Tom Stroll as Henrik


1. Screened at the Szeged Super8mm Film Festival in Hungary

2. Screened at the Flicker Film Festival (Durham, NC)

3. Selected to be added to the OnSuper8.Org Podcast and highly rated in the Top 20 most viewed videos on said podcast for three straight months

External Links:

Wolf in the Fold@OnSuper8.Org

Wolf in the Fold@iTunes


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