iPad & Filmmaking

The following apps are general apps available on the iOS. So that means, at this point, many of them are designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch screen size.

I owned an iPad for a month or so and was able to try out a host of applications. Don’t consider this a list of comprehensive reviews. These are just some apps worth mentioning and a few sentences on my thoughts. It’s simply something to help get you started. Think of them as leads for your research. Hope they help!


IMDB (Free)-A really cool UI here. It’s just IMDB but they’ve done a great job of tailoring it to the iPad experience. The only thing I’ve noticed as a downer is the lack of multitouch on the photo galleries. I was looking at a production still and I felt compelled to use the “pinch to zoom” effect to get a closer look at the camera featured in the photo but no luck. Maybe that’s changed?I don’t own an iPad anymore so if someone knows if they have indeed updated this, then by all means tell me.

Leica Fotografie International (Free)-A magazine of sorts. It features photographs taken with Lecia cameras including meta data like f/stop, focus, light notes and more. It’s a great way to get shot ideas.


Adobe Ideas (Free)-I didn’t have a chance to try this out but here’s Adone’s description: Adobe Ideas is your digital sketchbook, letting you capture and explore ideas anywhere you go. Adobe Ideas is an ideal companion for the professional design applications from Adobe, including Adobe Illustrator® and Adobe Photoshop® software.

Screenplay (4.99)-A screenwriting app. My favorite feature about this app is that you can work with your script written in Celtx. However this app still has some developing to do. Many users have complained about the keyboard and app crashing. It still has some stability issues to smooth out. I haven’t used it myself though, so I’m basing this on impression I’ve found online.

Scripts Pro (4.99)-This app has reported to be a whole lot more stable and usable with the same great Celtx functionality. There have been a lot of positive reviews about it. The best part is that it gets updates very often to improve usability and experience. UPDATE: I recently gave this a test drive and love it! The UI is smooth and zippy and it is very usable for long term writing on the iPad. If you like to write on the go or outside the home, this is definitely the app to get.

Celtx (9.99)-Finally! Celx is now available on iOS. You can get the app for one of your Apple mobile devices: iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad and will work on all three. Right now the app is limited to certain features that are for use only in the actual screen writing process. However, it’s great to finally see Celtx on mobile platform, it’s about time! That being said, I’ve still enjoyed using Scripts Pro more for script handling, and Scripts Pro is half the price of Celtx. Just something to consider.

Simple Note (Free)-Just as its name suggests, it’s a simple application. It’s very similar to the native notes app found on the iOS except for one difference, it offers cloud back up. That way you can have your random thoughts and ideas backed up on a server somewhere (probably in Texas).

DropBox (Free)-DropBox has a really nice layout on the iPad but there’s something that’s a little better than DropBox. And it’s the next app on the list…

GoodReader (.99)-GoodReader has been one of the most popular productivity apps on the iPad since it’s release into the app store. It integrates DropBox and is an all in one document viewing application. But it does so much more. You’re going t have to google it and discover its wonders. Search it, then you’ll understand why you need to get it.

Wondershare iDraft (Free)-A great sketching app. The best part is that it’s free.


SKATER-This is a dolly rotation calculator. I haven’t used it so I don’t have any thoughts on it.

List n Do (Free Version and 1.99 Version)-The free version limits how many tasks you can create so suffice it say, it’s little more than a demo. So there are a lot of task and todo managing apps out there. iOS is #1 in these kind of solutions in my opinion and there might be data to back that up. There’s a special reason that I like app though-subtasks. The only other app that offers subtasks on the iPad is Toodledo. Except Lin n Do offers an infinite amount of subtasks and subsubsubsubsubtasks. Why is this bureaucratic system so important? For me and how I organize my shot lists, it’s the only thing that works. I’m ver thorough and meticulous when it comes to organizing shots and I need that freedom. As of Aug. 2010, I have no been able to find any other todo system that offers that on the iOS. I use GTasks on Android to achieve this and it does a great job. List n Do is the only equivalent.

i-Prompt Pro (Free)-Usually when you hear Pro, it means that its premium. I guess they used it for the alliteration. It’s a neat tool, a little clunky but definitely useful. By the way, it’s a teleprompter if you didn’t get that.

Numbers (9.99)-Spreadsheets are always useful for productions. Whatever you use them for, you can use with Numbers. I’ve used the for shot listing, blocking diagrams, storyboarding and a whole bunch more. The best part about them is that you can integrate all kinds of visual media and compose everything on the desktop version of Numbers.


RGB (Free)-Simply Red, Green and Blue sliders so you can play around with color ideas. I’ve fiddled with it and when I’ve found a color that I like then I plug the numbers into photoshop. It’s cool but it made more sense when I was trying to express a color idea on the go. It doesn’t make much sense to have this app if you have access to a computer.


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