Have a look at these categories. Many of these equipment pieces are reviews, some are comparisons or simply pieces that I have a lot to say about. Choose a category and what I have to say.

(Coming Soon!)DSLR Comparison Guide: Everyone is DSLR crazy right now. DP Review is a great place for all the nitty gritty but if you’re like me you want the pertinent filmmaking data: frame rates, resolution, bit rate, codec, container, card info, battery life etc. This is a chart just for you.



(Coming Soon!)Super-8mm A-Cameras: Super-8mm has gone from a consumer based home movie solution a new and respected art form, film gauge. It’s typically used today for special effects, music videos, documentaries and avant garde pieces. With it’s resurgence it has found a presence in the film to DI workflow as shared with it’s bigger siblings, 16 and 35mm. Now that Super-8mm has become something of a professional gauge, people are hunting down these cameras on eBay and the like. I’ve been shooting on Super-8mm for about 16 years now so I’d be happy to offer you some insight into the cameras that I’ve used.

(Coming Soon!)Super-8mm B-Cameras: In the time that I’ve worked in Super-8mm I’ve found the value in lower end and limited Super-8mm cameras. They are cheap and expendable. They are the cameras you can risk on the tricky shoots that might endanger the rig. They are the cameras you can smuggle and hide for those guerrilla shoots. Let us also not forget the value of B-roll! The best thing about them, however, is their ease of use. You can train anyone to be an operator for these little guys.

(Coming Soon!)Mobile Phones/Small Mobile Devices: Pocket sized computers ready to solve issues for you! Between iOS and Android there’s plenty of apps beggin to make your life easier no matter what your crew role is on a set. Let’s not forget that these things can be really good as phones too! I’ll admit that some of them make the phone part so circuitous to use but others do a really good job making everything work really well together. I’m kind of a phone geek so why not hear what I have to say?

(Coming Soon!)Tablets: For script supervisors and producers, tablets have the potential to be a magic clipboard. It used to be that you had a load of documents or a laptop that you had to lug around with all the info that you needed. Now you can pack your script, shot list, schedule, contact info, databases, spreadsheets and a whole lot more into these wafer thin devices. Some of them do all of this and have HDMI out! What a great way to give presentations. Have a look at what I have to see about the tablets that are being rolled out. I’ve handled a few of them but I do research too, so I can tell you what other people are saying.

(Coming Soon!)LapTops: Despite all of the hubbub around these breakthrough mobile devices, laptops still do a load of things that are critical to film production. Just because Apple and Macs have branded themselves as the flagship hardware solution for liberal and fine arts, doesn’t mean that they are the only choice. There are quite a few others out there that might even save you a few bucks.


(Coming Soon!)Desktops: Let’s face it…for serious post-production, there is no other choice. GPUs unmatched, CPUs unmatched and cooling systems makes that makes the Fonz look lame. You’ve got a lot of projects, you want to do some serious rendering and have a lot of source material to work with then you can be sure that the desktop is still a needed piece of equipment in this mobile age.

(Coming Soon!)External Hard Drives/Computer Components: A post-production worker is only a fast and efficient as their post suite set up. External hard drives can be a godsend or your worst nightmare. Some work flawlessly through their lifetime and some are DOA. It’s a dangerous area to tread with out doing some research first. Let me help you get started so you don’t have to have horror stories to tell your children about the G-Drive of Doom!


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