Filmmaker Tools, Tips and Guides

Equipment: Anything from guides, to reviews, to equipment I just have a lot to say about. DSLRs are all the indie rage right now. I have a comparison guide to show the best and worst of each one that’s on the market. With any luck it’ll save you time and money. I’ve also got an overview of recommended super-8mm cameras. Plus, I’m huge on storage and recording media. Have a look at what I recommended in that domain too!



The iPad and Filmmaking: For many, the iPad is an extravagant toy that doesn’t really make anything easier-it just makes it more fun. Honestly this thing makes me want to look at my calendar every hour of every day. It might even make people want to read more often! Aside from this reality there are several niche markets where the iPad, besides being a toy, may also serve as a very useful tool. I believe that filmmaking and movie production is one of those niche markets. Have a look at this page by clicking the title and view the various ways that I believe the iPad can truly be a filmmaker’s tool.

Android and Filmmaking: Android is a close second. The hardware doesn’t have quite the same level of sophistication as the iPad but it’s a fair trade off for a very competitive price. The best and sometimes the worst part is that different manufacturer’s make tablets that support Android. This brings more choice but requires careful research as they don’t all perform the same way. Not by a long shot. Some are great and some shouldn’t even be sold. Anyway, the Android tablet can serve as a really affordable alternative and with a growing app market can really fill the tablet void on your film set.


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