Open Video Conference Coverage!

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Just returned from the Open Video Conference. Well…actually it was two weeks ago. I’ve neglected my blog recently. I have some videos that I’m going to upload soon but for now I’ve got some great photos of the event available on Facebook:

Here’s the Public link:

There’s a lot that I’ve got to catch up on! Stay tuned for more entries!


iPad & Filmmaking

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Hey all, I just updated the iPad & Filmmaking page. There’s more to come but there are a hefty amount of details up there now. Have a look!

It’s Been Quite a While

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I’ve been busy working on a project all summer so I haven’t had much time to update. Once August comes to a close you can look for the following:

  1. I owned an iPad for a little while and you’ll get a review from a filmmaking point of view.
  2. I’ve gotten more heavy into Android and I’ll have more to expand on the Filmmaking & Android page. I actually just added a few things, have a look!
  3. I’ve been an Ubuntu believer since about 8.10 Intrepid Ibex but I’ve really been seeing the value of Ubuntu for artistry. I’m learning Blender and Cinelerra. With any luck I’ll do post-production for a short film completely on an open source platform.
  4. The main reason I started this site was to promote myself as a filmmaker and artist. Instead I’ve been jabbering on about hardware and software. I’ll start building that filmography page.
  5. Plus I’ll have some updates on my new project!

I think that’s a good start. I’m going to start doing weekly posts beginning with this one. Sometimes those posts will just be advertising my new site updates. Either way you’ll get more news! See you soon.

P.S. the featured image is a still frame from the project that I’m working on!

Update: YouTube Channel Up and Running

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My YouTube channel is up and running. It will serve as a place to showcase the projects that I’ve worked on. For every video there will be a pop up note at the corner of the frame with the title of the project, the year of its release and my position(s) for that project. Here’s the link. Enjoy! Please subscribe!

Have a look there for more videos like these!:

From Blog to One Stop Fun Town!

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I’ve decided to expand this little blog in to a site that promotes my own artistry. Stay tuned for updates such as:

VIDEOS: Clips of some the film projects I have or am working on.

PICTURES: Production stills and some carefully crafted works of art by this guy.

AUDIO: I’m not much of a musician but I know how to record the sounds that my body produces. I’m not really sure what this will include…let’s find out together!

MORE: Links and other great stuff that I haven’t decided on yet.

Check back soon!

I Am A Blog Post! I Live But I Don’t Think!

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Greetings! My name is Blog Post and I’m here to convey the messages, opinions, feelings and ramblings of my Master; Ernie Zahn. My Master has quite a bit to say with little available time to say it. My services will not be enacted on a daily basis but my Master, promises to put me to work fairly often.

For posts that do not fit the criteria of “Updates,” the voice will be from the perspective of my Master as delivered by me; quite metatronian, actually.

If you would like follow my Master’s blog, please hit the subscribe button.