Hey all, my first feature length film is heading for the home stretch. It’s got about 10% left till it’s ready to be chopped up by the editors. To celebrate this milestone, we the production staff, have just launched the official teaser trailer! Before we get into that, here’s a brief rundown of the plot.

Italian scientist, Claudio Chiuso, develops an elixir that enables him to see the heavenly realm with the naked eye; they call it ‘Immaculate Perception.’

It isn’t long before the public competes for God’s favor and plunges into World War III in order to seize their own selfish visions of paradise.

Soon, the true face of God shows itself at humanity’s most vulnerable moment. God-Man—as he is known for his human flaws and super villainy—swoops in to reclaim the throne of eden, wreaking havoc on the world as we know it; only pockets of humanity survive.

Luckily our valiant knight, Charlie Kemp, arrives on scene to give one last militia a fighting chance for survival against the hungry, undead souls of God-Man’s zombie army!

Enjoy the teaser!