Hi there, my name is Ernie. Nice to meet you. Perhaps you’d like to participate in a project I’m working on or perhaps I can help out with one that you’re doing. I’m pretty good with film, video and few other things. Have a look:

Final Cut Pro – Advanced
Adobe Photoshop – Advanced
Celtx – Advanced
Codecs, Containers and Digital Media Handling – Intermediate
Adobe Dreamweaver – Intermediate
Logic Pro – Beginner
Soundtrack Pro – Beginner

MiniDV/HDV Cameras and Decks – Intermediate
Super 8mm Film Cameras/Editors/Film Handling – Intermediate
Lenses/Focal Sciences/Aperture Sciences – Intermediate
Advanced HD Cameras and Equipment (i.e. RED ONE etc.) – Beginner
Multi-Track Soundboards for Audio Recording – Beginner
General Audio Production (I/O techniques and sciences, audio technical skills etc.) – Beginner

Script Editing and Consulting – Intermediate
Storyboarding – Beginner
Production Management (Accounting and Organization) – Beginner
Public Relations and Promotion – Beginner

Again, I’d say I’m pretty good at this stuff. Don’t believe me? I can give you a few phone numbers of people that would agree with me. References are available upon request. Just send me an email:



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