My first appeal to this new line of Android devices from Archos was the fact that the Archos 43 shoots 720p video. I thought to myself that this would be like having a Flip HD with Android or a closer analogy might be a Droid X that doesn’t make phone calls or have 3G. Regardless, it still offers a whole bunch of stuff to be interested in.

I didn’t want to get too excited for this new PMP until I saw what the video recording can really do. After some searching on YouTube I came across a few video tests of the video recording quality. Have a look:

The videos were posted by HEREisOurAnswer and made

It’s got a descent bitrate for the kind of video that it shoots. Colors, again, are acceptable. The frame rate seems a bit choppy:-( I have very low standards for these kind of portable video cameras with super tiny censors but sticking steady at 29.97 fps is pretty important. If you want a planned shoot and want to make a beautiful image then get a DSLR or something pricier. I think there’s still hope for this Archos 43. What would really help make a good determination is if we could see a video test outdoors with a centered human subject speaking at normal volume. This is the kind of discreet camera I’d like to bring with me on shoots to film a behind the scenes quick gag or bring with me to a conference to snag a quick interview with someone.

Well the Archos 43 Internet Tablet is now shipping in the U.S. so I’m sure we’ll see the video tests trickle out.