Finally an official app from Kodak for DoF calculating. The best part about it, for me, is that they’re even representing the Super 8 gauge. This is not a full review but rather a first impressions guide. I’ll talk about each feature and I’ll have a wish list of things that would be good  to see in future updates.

Film Calculator

A simple feature that tells you how much time you have on a certain roll or reel based on film length, gauge and frame rate shot. It supports 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, 35mm 2-perf, 35mm 3-perf, 35mm and 65mm. It’s a neat feature and perhaps something I’d use if I’m entering a gauge I don’t typically work in or if I’m frequently switching between gauges and I want to get my time lengths right. Suffice it to say, If I’m working in a gauge that I know, I probably won’t need to use this little guy. I can’t deny, however, that there might be a fleeting moment where I’ll have too much film to count in my head:-P

DoF Calculator

The app features a nicely laid out DoF calculator for: Super 8, Super 16, 35mm 2-perf, 35mm 3-perf, 35mm and 65mm. This is probably the best UI I’ve seen on an iOS DoF calculator. Everything looks clean and clear and the set up is very intuitive. The little diagram at the bottom is fantastic too. I haven’t had a chance to do a field test with it, pardon the pun. I am confident, however, that Kodak’s calculations will be accurate. I’ll send a follow up once I’ve given this a shot.


A little pocket dictionary of terms relating to cinematography. A really neat feature. You might find that you recognize most of the terms but their list is fairly impressive. It’d still be a handy thing to carry around. I’ve often found my self in a debate with the director on what exactly a certain term really means and it’d be nice confound him via Kodak’s glossary.


1. A film stock database. Categorized by film gauge. Within each film gauge is a list or a grid of thumbnails that represent each stock currently available. Once you select a film stock, it’ll provide you detailed information about that stock. The same kind of info found in the film stock brochures.

2. Featured articles from Kodak In Camera magazine. The magazine is free anyway and is deserves to be more accessible. If it was integrated into this app you could read about all the great stuff that’s being done with a film stock that you’ll be interested in using.

3. Videos. Any videos produce by Kodak or endorsed by kodak that feature their film stocks. I recall seeing a video promo for Vision3 when it was released. Videos like that would be nice to see.

4. Make a version for Android 😀

Share your thoughts! What else would you like to see? Why? Maybe you think the app is good the way it is? Maybe it’s no good at all. Don’t be shy to share your view!