I’m embarking on a new endeavor. I’ve decided to explore the possibilities of movie post-production in the open source realm.  My goal to better understand the NLE’s (Non-Linear Editors) that are out there for Linux. Further than that I want to see if there are any out there that can really serve as an alternative to Apple and Final Cut Pro-something viable for the prosumer and professional alike. Not just in technical ability but also in usability. Is the UI of that NLE an obstacle or a help? Are the resources of Linux software too underdeveloped to take on the challenge of professional post-production? Could this be a great alternative for someone that wants to save some $$ and not shell out the $1,000 for Final Cut Studio or another proprietary equivalent (i.e. Adobe Premiere Pro)? I’d certainly like to know the answers to these questions. As I write this entry I still am unsure. I’ve heard certain GNU/Linux NLE’s being referred to as professional but I want to know if that’s merited.

I’m a huge fan of Ubuntu and that being said I’m a huge fan of open source computing and the community effort. The way I see it, software driven by the creative demand wins out over software driven by the economic demand. It’s hard to believe that. It’s mostly because the economic drive produces a result faster. On top of that, the end product from economic drive also has the backing of a marketing campaign to convince you that the end product is everything that you want and need. Linux and open source requires you to think for yourself more often, roll up your sleeves and be a little creative yourself. I like that. It keeps your mind sharp. It’s not enough to master the use of product but you can do so much more when you are part of how the product is created.

To reiterate my goal: I want to try and see if I can find an alternative to Final Cut Pro-to achieve those things in Final Cut Pro that I do for myself and I do for a living.

This was simply an introduction. My next entry will be about how I use Final Cut Pro and its features. After all, there are many uses and many different fields of digital media. I’m going to discuss the products that I create in Final Cut to better focus the concept of finding an alternative in open source.