This sort of has to do with filmmaking since I use so many Android apps for my craft. So yes, Froyo has arrived on the Eris thanks to the folks XDA. This comes to no surprise since Android is open source. As long as there’s a following for a phone there’s probably someone out there donating their time to develop for it. So this news is less about the fact that Froyo is on the Eris and more about the fact that it actually runs very nicely! I have a Froyo ROM called KaosFroyo on my Eris and it’s damn fast and damn stable. I was going to upgrade to the Droid X but I think I’m going to stick around Eris town for a little while.

There are frequent updates to this ROM to increase performance and experience. I’m running Revision 29 right now but 30 just came out. I’ll probably bump it up soon. I haven’t been running this ROM long but I also haven’t encountered any issues yet. In fact, I’ve noticed that it runs faster than before with the official 2.1 ROM by HTC.

The ROM runs the stock Android UI, which I don’t really mind. I kinda feel like I have a Nexus One:-P. Of course there are still significant differences between this phone the Nexus One but I can still dream!

So I don’t have much more to offer besides first impressions and in short all of those impressions are positive. The home screen is zippy, apps open quickly-boot up time was long the first time but now it boots pretty quickly. Now that my phone is rooted I can use it as a wifi hotspot and that’s pretty cool and not to mention damn useful. Also I can’t be sure of this but I think my battery is lasting longer but that might just be in my head. This was really easy to install and this has been the best experience on Android so far. Want in this action?

First You Need to Root Your Eris:

Then You Need to Install the KaosFroyo ROM:

Then you should be all set!

Thanks to you guys at XDA for all your hard work!

I’ll be sending donations, all you Eris users that like this root solution and ROM should do so too!